Holland Hospital Architects

Company Profile of Holland Hospital Architects 

Holland Hospital Architects was the Netherlands’ first architectural firm to specialise in the field of health care. In the past ninety years we have built up in-depth knowledge and thorough expertise, particularly as the many innova­tions we incorporate into our designs today are founded on the history with which we, taking into account the age of our firm, are so familiar. This explains our affinity with Chinese culture, where the history and knowledge passed on by forebears and the experience accumulated by previous generations have such an impact on all the many innovations under construction today. To us, human nature is the driving force behind the design of every good building. This is why we always make every effort to discover what will please the people who will be using the buildings we are designing; a principle we apply equally to a hospital’s patients as its staff.

A building such as this must offer the patient hope of recovery in a healing environment, while offering the profes­sional an adequate instrument to help the patient with his knowledge and skills.