Good health may be the most important factor in human happiness

Centuries of applied research have elevated our scientific knowledge of the human body to a level where we are able to adequately treat numerous physical and psychological conditions. Fortunately, we have continued to make swift and significant progress largely due to the many technological advancements made in recent years. With the proper medical equipment in the right physical environment and the very best doctors at the helm, our knowledge of curative healthcare and our ability to treat illnesses is evolving by leaps and bounds. A growing number of patients have access to state-of-the-art hospitals, which has significantly increased their chances of recovery. This recovery, however, depends on several success factors. The first defining factor is the availability of duly qualified doctors. The second is the availability of the best medical equipment, housed in temperature-regulated rooms with the proper finish and the ergonomic dimensions. In order to function properly, hospitals must be efficiently designed with the shortest possible walking distance between departments. Hundreds of hours can be gained each day in hospitals with an efficient layout. In terms of financial gains, efficient design can make the difference between a profitable and an unprofitable hospital. The same is true when processing the enormous influx of patients: by leading them directly to their destinations and keeping their stay as short as possible, the hospital can increase capacity. The result is a more profitable and cleaner hospital with a reduced risk of errors. More importantly, this leads to a better environment for patients and staff. A pleasant environment like this lowers the patient’s stress level and increases his chances of a swift recovery. This is known as a healing environment. The logistics and design of a hospital are extremely complex. Holland Hospital Architects is proud of the expertise it has honed over the past ninety years.