BIM, Integrated working with BIM

The way a design and construction process proceeds has a major influence on the final result. Passion, integrated collaboration and open communication between all parties involved are the basis for creating a good design. Each project has a different level of complexity. That's why a customized design, construction and possibly operation process are important. For an unambiguous assignment, a traditional partnership or a construction team is a functional method. The current economic and social reality is increasingly demanding knowledge and innovation of market players and a Life Cycle Cost approach. The integrated forms of cooperation Design & Build (DB) or Design Build Finance Maintain and Operate (DBFMO) are well suited for this new, often complex tasks. The kind of the work of the partners change to a results-oriented way of working. Responsibility is expected from the design, construction and management partners before, during and after implementation.


A clear policy, workflow and appropriate technology is necessary to cooperate fully. Our goal is to create a project which has a good value for money with a sustainable, socially responsible solution. The knowledge and skills of the individual chain partners should allocate up to be used in a project. This creates a building or urban plan that transcends a direct translation of the program and is also supported by all stakeholders.Designer, contractor, various consultants and manufacturers of construction arranging together a practical workflow.Information and communication technology support this workflow with appropriate networks, servers, software and hardware, through wich producing a model, construction implementation and operational management in possible in an adequate way. The chain partners determine in advance a common strategy which division of responsibilities, common objectives and agreements on work and communication protocols are established. The trinity : policy , process and technology complement each other and create an integrated , actors oriented way of working. Together they form the basis for working with BIM in an efficient way: Building Information Model.


In an integrated design and construction process is clear from the start who is responsible for the design, construction and management. All stakeholders are continuously informed about the consequences certain management, construction and design decisions throughout the process and are complicit in the end result. This improves the quality and sustainability.

Working with BIM makes it possible to develop joint solutions from the beginning of the proces. Alignment of expectations and secure adjustment of the operational processes are easy to organize in the early stages. The impact on the final price and overall quality of the design are still high and the cost of any adjustments still low. BIM can deliver the right effort at any moment in an intelligent way. Collaboration between all disciplines in an integrated model and communication with each other increases transparency and commitment, but significantly reduces the failure and maintenance.

Working with BIM is a natural part of our organization. The BIM platform supports various design teams in the office and facilitates chain partners in the implementation and maintenance phase including the coordination of construction planning, management of construction and maintenance. For each project is viewed which approach is required along with chain partners. Experiences within the different teams are shared on the BIM platform and ensure continuous improvement in all aspects.