Under renovation

The Haga Hospital in The Hague is a specialised clinical institute in The Hague with three locations. It is one of eleven trauma centres in the Netherlands and has its own Mobile Medical Team. The hospital’s main building on Leyweg, built in 1972, will be renovated and made nearly twice as large over the next few years to include new outpatient clinics, operating theatres and a maternity ward. The new main entrance, with a restaurant, café and shops, will be located on the north side, giving way onto a street that will connect the old building and the new extension. The result: a large yet compact, and therefore more efficient, hospital.

Under renovation:

The newly constructed section of the HagaZiekenhuis lobby and reception area in The Hague was officially opened on 3 June, followed by the bordering restaurant on 10 June.

The lobby building now consists of several mezzanine floors that house an espresso bar, a restaurant and an auditorium with foyer. The spacious restaurant leads to the espresso bar and the lobby and has been designed to match the 160-metre indoor boulevard, which has yet to be completed, in terms of both atmosphere and appearance. The restaurant is open to visitors and staff and boasts a wide and appealing range of catering options.

The festive opening, which was met with praise by Chairman of the Board Chiel Huffmeijer, marks the start of a new building phase as well as the next step in the renovation of the existing building.